Links To Other Pages Of Interest

Janet's father was the legendary Eddie Cantor! Take a look at The Eddie Cantor Appreciation Society and join the Eddie Cantor Fan Club.

And while you are at it, jump over and meet Janet's brother-in-law, Robert Clary from Hogan's Heroes & New Faces of 1952 The Robert Clary Web Site

Janet's son, Brian Gari, is a singer-songwriter, record producer and author. The Brian Gari Web Site has a lot of info.

Janet's late ex-husband, Roberto Gari, was a brilliant artist and well known character actor. Take a look at The Roberto Gari Web Site and see his wonderful paintings and other work.

Janet's friend, Jonathan Segal, is a talented musical artist. Check out The Jonathan Segal Web Site for a look at his musical endeavors!

Janet's dear friend, Arthur Siegel, passed away but the man who wrote Love Is a Simple Thing lives on if you click here

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